Checking the seating of a flute pad









Richard Mattingly -  Woodwind Technician

My Background



In 1996 I studied Orchestral Instrument Repair at Stevenson College in Edinburgh. After this
foundation year I studied for two more years at Newark, where I received my City and Guild
Diploma in Woodwind Instrument Making and Repairing, in1999.

That  year I started to work for All Flutes Plus, and was taught the finer points of the trade by
Danny Paul. This honed my skills to the highest professional level on all types of flutes and padding systems, including the use of Straubinger and Brannen pads.  

AFP moved premises in 2001 to Warren Street. At that time I started to work for Howarths.
I was taught the delicate art of oboe repair by Neil Clark. I learned cork padding skills on
the most complex of instruments in the woodwind family, to the highest possible standard.

I moved over to the single reed department at Howaths in 2002 in order to take over from
Ben Dernley. He taught me the tricks saxophone and clarinet repair before he left the company
to pursue a career in sculpture.

In1995 I returned to AFP as the workshop manager, where I stayed for a further year before
deciding to combine all my skills and run my own workshop, and here I am!

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