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Richard Mattingly -  Woodwind Technician

Repair Overview



Having an instrument regularly maintained,

  • Increases playability, allowing a greater depth of expression.
  • Improves reliability, creating a greater sense confidence. 
  • Extends life of the instrument, solving minor problems before they become serious.


When pricing work, inspection is necessary to determine the relevant type of repair.

There are four categories of repair,

  • Emergency repair - charged by the hour.
  • Service - re-seat / change existing pads, set the instrument up correctly, minor dent work.
  • Overhaul - replace all pads corks and felts, tightening mechanism, some dent work.
  • Restoration - as above but more major, on older or severely damaged instruments.

I work as flexibly as possible to accommodate the needs of musicians. This involves finding a

set up that suites the individual - and their instrument. Having the instrument as airtight as possible is

fundamental but such things as spring tension, vent hight, mouthpiece position etc. vary according to

individual taste. These subtle adjustments all work together to give an instrument  a particular feel.

Personalising these qualities is at the core of the work that I do.

I work beyond a 9 to 5 schedule. I'm only a phone call away so if I can help at short notice I will,

if it's at all possible. An appointment is necessary for me to inspect or work on your instrument.

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